Wellfit Programs

Middle School

June/JULY 2022

Wellfit Adventure Camp (WAC)

Wellfit Adventure Camp (WAC) offers a unique opportunity for middle school girls to participate in three weeks of leadership, fitness and empowerment curriculum. Daily camp activities include creative self-expression, personal discovery, yoga, fitness, meditation, team building games, connection and fun! The camp culminates with a six-day expedition where girls hike, do yoga, play games, cook their own meals, connect with each other, nature and most importantly themselves.

High School

January – May 2022

Summit Sisters

Summit Sisters is Wellfit Girls’ signature leadership, fitness and empowerment program for high school girls in Collier county. Girls have the opportunity to participate in one or all four 4-week programs to dive deeper into the curriculum concepts of leadership development & personal growth, fitness training & nutrition, holistic wellbeing and social entrepreneurship.

In each program, participants will meet twice weekly for 4-weeks. Each program will culminate with a different local excursion that corresponds with the theme of the program. The purpose of this program is to build deep relationships with youth, empower each girl to be their own unique self and create a safe space for girls to connect with nature, each other and most importantly, themselves.

High School Seniors + Alumnae Only

Mentors in Action

Mentors in Action is an opportunity for rising seniors and alumnae who want to receive advanced leadership and mentor coaching, serve as a mentor and put their leadership into action. Mentors in Action is open to any rising senior from Collier and Lee County who have completed all of the Wellfit Girls’ Summit Sisters programs, including the outdoor adventure challenge experiences. Girls may apply to be a mentor for the Wellfit Adventure Camp (WAC) or Summit Sisters programs. Up to two mentors will be selected for each program.

This opportunity is a natural follow-up for girls who were involved in our Summit Sisters programs. Additionally, it ensures that all girls who want to take on a leadership role at Wellfit Girls have the opportunity to receive additional leadership training and coaching from our professional staff as they transition from high school to college and/or the workforce.

All Wellfit Girls + Friends

Wellfit Connects 

Wellfit Connects is an initiative to keep Wellfit Girls engaged on a monthly basis. Wellfit Connects programs offer continued support and learning to girls during and after their program is complete, and most importantly connection with other participants, mentors, and alumnae. Wellfit Girls are welcome to bring friends and family to these events to connect others with our culture and mission.

In the long term, we hope to create a community that connects our Wellfit Girls alumnae to adults in their same field of work, internships, job opportunities, career counseling, community service, networking events, alumnae trips and more. An alumna is considered any participant who has completed the Summit Sisters programs, including the outdoor adventure challenge experience. 

Our goal is to offer additional support and personal growth opportunities to girls in their first two years post high school. Alumnae will also have opportunities to participate in an annual alumnae retreat.


Beyond the Summit
Alumnae Only

Beyond the Summit 

Beyond the Summit is an advanced leadership program offered to alumnae of our Summit Sisters programs. Beyond the Summit is offered virtually each fall semester allowing alumnae to attend from anywhere. Beyond the Summit’s program goals include advancing leadership development through socially engaged training, experiential education and personal development. Wellfit Girls’ cornerstone themes —social entrepreneurship, embodied leadership, service, interpersonal communication skill-building, public speaking—are further developed within the curriculum and dynamic, engaged conversation unpacking current social and personal events is encouraged.

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