Committees: Governance

The Governance Committee supports the board in effectively governing the organization and leads the Board in evaluating its effectiveness and provides for its continual development.


  • The committee will periodically review the organization’s bylaws and recommend amendments as needed
  • Lead the Board in conducting an annual self-assessment
  • Evaluate and fulfill the needs of the Board as pertains to committee structure
  • Recruitment of Board members
  • New Board member orientation and ongoing training
  • Ensure compliance with Board policies
  • Facilitate a process for nomination, election and re-election of directors and officers
  • Plan for an annual Board retreat
  • Ensure that the organization utilizes a strategic planning process
  • Develop and update succession plans for officers of the organization
  • Assist in drafting employment paperwork and handbooks for the organization
  • Meets quarterly, unless a review period requires higher frequency of meetings


  • Governance experience
  • Nonprofit committee, and/or board experience
  • Strong understanding of Wellfit Girls and the needs of the organization

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