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Internship Details

Internship Qualifications & Expectations
  1. Commit to a minimum of 100 internship hours for the duration of the term. If applying for Summer, then a minimum of 50 hours. The amount of time spent in each role is dependent on the operations and needs of the organization during that internship term.
  2. Available to meet in person, twice a month, for a 30 minute – 1 hour meeting.
  3. Complete a group project, as an intern team, by the end of the internship term.
  4. Maintain confidentiality with participants, donors, sponsors, etc.
  5. Maintain confidentiality within the leadership team.
  6. Participate in events and support fundraising and promotional marketing of events.
  7. HAVE FUN!

*All Internship positions are unpaid.

*College credit or other school/internship credit may be received upon agreement with your Wellfit Girls Supervisor.

*Internship Terms may be extended upon agreement with Wellfit Girls Supervisor.

Internship Terms
  • Spring: January – June (6 months)
  • Summer: July – August (2 months)
  • Fall: September – December (5 months)
Application Deadlines
  • Spring: November 15
  • Summer: May 15
  • Fall: July 15

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