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The Mission of Wellfit Girls

Is to inspire, challenge and empower teen girls to climb high in all areas of life through transformational leadership programs.

Volunteer, Internship & Career Expectations

The Wellfit Girls volunteer, internship and career expectations communicate specific standards in order to maximize efficiency, improve communication and hold our leadership team accountable. Expectations serve as a reminder of each team members role and responsibilities in supporting a productive and healthy work environment.

The work you do is very important and ultimately touches the lives of many teen girls in your community. On any given day, you interact with participants, parents, donors, sponsors, teachers and counselors and in each interaction, you are representing Wellfit Girls. Your quality of work, timeliness and professionalism is a representation of our program and our values. 

For all volunteer, internship and staff positions, Wellfit Girls requests an in-person meeting to review the organization expectations, background check, and a commitment to the Wellfit Girls behavioral commitments

The Wellfit Girls Behavioral Commitments

  • Serve the mission and goals of the Wellfit Girls Program
  • Be committed to your individual success and the success of the group
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Support leadership and growth in everyone
  • Respect all cultures and backgrounds
  • Be kind and open-hearted to yourself and others
  • Do your share, stay organized and be on time
  • Take a stand for others
  • Model integrity by being honest and accountable
  • Admit and correct your mistakes
  • Be willing to try something new every day


As a growing 501(c)3 non profit organization serving Collier and Lee Counties, we are always seeking new volunteers and talent to further our outreach, impact, and success.

Program Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer applications are accepted year-round. Learn more about volunteering & see available opportunities by clicking the button below.

Internship Opportunities

Internship applications are accepted  in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Internship terms vary from 2-6 months

Leadership Opportunities


  • Board of Directors
  • Committee Member

To learn about career opportunities with Wellfit Girls, reach out to Tracey at for more information.

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