Applications are Currently Closed

We will begin accepting applications for 2019 in the fall of 2018.

In the meantime, review the steps in the application process outlined below.

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*Read Application Instructions Below Carefully


Wellfit Girls Mission

The mission of Wellfit Girls is to inspire, challenge and empower teen girls to climb high in all areas of life through transformational leadership programs.


Program Overview

Wellfit Girls meets twice weekly after school for five months. The program will begin in January 2019 and conclude with a ten-day expedition to Peru.

Girls can apply for either our Naples program or our Ft. Myers program. The two groups will travel together as one “Super Group” to Peru.

Please select which program you are applying for on the application. The first meeting of the week alternates between leadership training and integrated fitness. The Thursday meeting is a workout day. Girls will be required to do an additional day of fitness on their own time. We will support the girls in this by giving them weekly workouts as a guide.


Behavioral Commitments

Anyone who does not follow the behavioral commitments or program requirements may be asked to leave the group and will not be able to participate in the final expedition to Peru.

  • Serve the mission and goals of the Wellfit Girls Program.
  • Be committed to your individual success and the success of the group.
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Support leadership and growth in everyone.
  • Respect all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Be kind and open-hearted to yourself and others.
  • Do your share, stay organized and be on time.
  • Take a stand for others.
  • Model integrity by being honest and accountable.
  • Admit and correct your mistakes.
  • Be willing to try something new every day.


The Wellfit Girls Expedition Mentality

The Wellfit Girls Expedition Mentality is a commitment to self and others. Over the course of the five-month program teens will be exposed to and develop skills in leadership training, fitness, holistic wellbeing, personal growth and civic responsibility.


Program Requirements + Eligibility

Applicants MUST:

  • Be High School Girls (Grades 9-12) in Lee or Collier County.
  • Arrange own transportation to and from all group meetings. Wellfit Girls staff may not drive girls to and from group.
  • Demonstrate leadership in her home, school and/or community.
  • Have a desire to be an active alum upon completion the program.
  • Practice daily self-care (working out, eating healthy, drinking water, etc.).
  • Be in good standing at school and with the law.
  • Fundraise $500 to be donated to Peru’s Challenge.
  • Obtain and pay for own passport. Applications for new passports and renewals must be made by Dec. 20, 2017.
  • Be willing and able to travel outside of the United States without parents.
  • Run in the Wellfit Girls Hop to the Top Easter 5K.
  • Commit to full participation in Wellfit Girls. The program is a major time commitment. Please be sure that you can make this commitment before applying.

*We know things come up (trips, illness, etc.) and we will consider individual cases. Girls may be asked to leave the program if they have more than THREE EXCUSED ABSENCES over the course of the five-month program. If girls do not go to school on a Wellfit day, they cannot participate in Wellfit Girls that day.


Expectations Of Alumni

Once a Wellfit Girl, Always a Wellfit Girl. We take great pride in the fact that the journey for participants doesn’t end when we return home from Peru. We want participants who are committed beyond Peru.

  • We expect all participants to become active members in their home, school and community through community service.
  • Graduates are expected to stay involved by participating in our Wellfit Girls Alumni Program and play an active role in planning service and social events.
  • As Alumni, Wellfit Girls are expected to attend at least one event for Wellfit Girls 2019 (Kick-Off Party, Annual 5K, Welcome Home Party).


Application Process/Requirements

  • Submit your application electronically by emailing it to no later than 5:00 P.M. on October 20,2017. Applications sent after the deadline will not be accepted for the program.


  • You will receive confirmation of receipt within 24 hours of sending your applications. If you do not receive confirmation, please follow-up with Wellfit Girls to verify your application was sent correctly.
  • Upon acceptance, a $500 deposit will be required (except for full scholarship participants).
  • Upon acceptance, a credit card number will be taken for your file.
  • You will need to supply an e-mail address that Wellfit Girls can use to communicate important information throughout the program. This e-mail must be able to receive document attachments.


Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Wellfit Girls Selection Committee. In person interviews may take place for finalists.

  • Select Program Participants + in person interviews – Mid October.
  • Notify all Applicants via email of the Selection Committee’s decision – Early November.
  • $500 deposit required upon acceptance. Full payment of tuition will be due in December. Payment plans are available.


Wellfit Girls Scholarships

Wellfit Girls Program Southwest Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization. Wellfit Girls is $5,000 ($4,500 Program Fee and $500 donation to Peru’s Challenge) + $1,000 flight. Scholarships are available for the $4,500 Program Fee and $1,000 flight only. The amount of full and partial scholarships Wellfit Girls can distribute each year is limited and based on need.

Many past participants have set up crowd funding pages to fundraise, organized car washes and bake sales, and used money earned at their job to support the fees. Please carefully consider how much you and your family can contribute towards your daughter’s future.

Note: All information is kept confidential. Consideration for scholarships are not related in any way to the selection process for participation in Wellfit Girls.

Scholarship awards do not excuse participants from required fundraising requirements, or certain travel expenses (passport fee, clothing and gear, personal expenses in Peru).


Full And Partial Scholarship Considerations:

  • Financial need (1 parent household, family situation, etc.).
  • Academic Motivation (School GPA, aspirations, motivation, etc.).
  • Community involvement (volunteer history, extracurricular activities, etc.).
  • Have a steady job afterschool/weekends.

*If applying for a full or partial scholarship, a financial aid application will be emailed upon acceptance.