We are taking our annual Hop to the Top Easter 5K (Virtual Run/Walk) online and around the world and we hope you will join us!

We do ask that you please do this solo (or with your household only) to follow physical distancing requirements. However, we hope this will unite us all through this unique and challenging time. We cannot cancel wellness & fitness! Running and walking knows no bounds and all proceeds support Wellfit Girls! 

As far as how this whole Virtual Race works, see our FAQ below. Also, please share with family and friends! This is something we can ALL do “together”! 

Q: What is the process to register and participate?   

A: See the steps below on how to register, participate and share your results: 

  1. Register by clicking on this link here
  2. Start Training 
  3. Download Strava or Map My Run to track your run/walk if you don’t have a watch (if you want to) 
  4. Run, walk or hop 3.1 miles on April 11
  5. Record your run/walk using Strava, Map my Run, Garmin or another App.
  6. Practice Physical Distancing PLEASE! 
  7. Take a photo or #sweatselfie during or after your run/walk.
  8. Post a photo on social media tagging @wellfitgirls and using #hoptothetop
  9. Submit Results (see below)

Q: Do I need to download Strava or Map My Run?   

A: Only if you want to submit a time. If you have a Garmin, FitBit or Apple watch to track your run you can use that. Otherwise, we suggest downloading Strava or Map My Run as an easy way to track your distance and time. 

Q: When do I submit my results on Race Day? 

A: You can post your results from Saturday, April 11 at 6:00 a.m. to Sunday, April 12 at 7:59pm EST. 

Q: How do I submit my results on Race Day? 

If you enable the text/email option, you can send a text to 49514 in format “WELLFIT5 BIB TIME” to post your results. When specifying a time, you can use the hh:mm:ss, mm:ss, hh:mm:ss.mmm or mm:ss.mmm formats. For example, all of the following are valid ways to specify that bib 12345 finished in 24 minutes and 45 seconds: 

If you signed up for text alerts you do not need to remember this. You will receive a text on the morning of April 11 (approximately 9 am). The text will give you exact instructions on how to report your times. 

See example text below for a different race:

Q: When and where can I see the results?  

A: All results that come in through text/email will be fully integrated into RunSignUp’s Results Platform – allowing for auto-calculation of things like pace, age, as well as personal finisher pages and finisher certificates. If you do not enable the text/email option please email your results to info@wellfitgirls.org with your NAME, BIB# and TIME in the subject line.

Results will be compiled and available by 8pm on April 12 at the latest (hopefully sooner!) Results will include a leaderboard and age group divisions.

Q: What if I registered prior to the race going virtual? 

A: If you are already registered then you are automatically transferred into the virtual race. The only thing you may want to do is sign up for text messages or emails in order to submit your results on race day. If you enable the text/email option, you will receive a text on the morning of April 11 (approximately 9 am). The text will give you exact instructions on how to report your times. 

Q: What if I don’t want to enable the text/email option?

If you don’t want to receive a text message or email with instructions then you will need to get your results in a different way, such as submitting through your profile page or by emailing your results to info@wellfitgirls.org with your NAME, BIB# and TIME in the subject line.

Q: What time will you text me on Race Day if I enable the text option? 

A: You will receive an initial race day text at 8 a.m. and a second text at 9 a.m. explaining how to post your results. Note that we automatically adjust the send time to your time zone. So, even though the virtual race is set up on the east coast you will receive the texts at 8am CST, MST or PST depending on where you live, not 5am! 

Q: What if I don’t want to post my time? 

A: You can simply text back “done” and you will be listed as a finisher, but without a time. This also means you will not be eligible for age group prizes. 

Q: What will I get for finishing? 

A: You will receive a “Virtual Medal” and a “Virtual Finisher’s Certificate” via email as well as a t-shirt and access to a “Virtual Swag Bag.” 


Q: What do the t-shirts look like? 

Q: How will I get my t-shirt? 

A: If you live in SWFL, we will announce when you can pick up your shirt at our office located at 6240 Shirley Street #204 Naples, FL 34109 once things calm down. If you do not live in SWFL we will mail your t-shirt to you! 

Q: What if I don’t want a t-shirt? 

A: Don’t select a size when you register. If you have already registered, you can go back into your RunSignUp account and adjust your t-shirt preferences through March 31, 2020. 

Q: I still have questions that I don’t see here. Who should I contact? 

A: Please email your questions to info@wellfitgirls.org or call (239) 529-0366.