By: Lena | Fort Myers High School

I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I’ll be honest, 10 weeks ago, when this program had just begun, I was anxious about what was to come. Colby was firm on what she wanted from us, and now I see why. They believe in us. They know that what they are doing works, which is why I was able to so easily trust them and their process. And the decision to put my faith in them has been a great one as I have never been happier in life, than I am now. Improving my health physically and mentally has resulted in drastic lifestyle changes . I use to eat fast food and drink caffeine like it was the only thing available. Now I’ve learned of other quick and healthy alternatives to eat and have completely cut out fast food. Just with that, I get fuller faster, and don’t feel horrible about myself either. However, though I was able to get through that part of the program, I do admit I was a bit anxious about the fitness part of it. I knew what I was getting myself into, and I knew it was going to be difficult, but ultimately it was what I wanted. I wanted to be fit. Yes, at first it was challenging because I rarely ever worked out. And even though they pushed and pushed us, it was a good thing. The trainers have been awesome and I am thankful that they have volunteered their time to train us so that we will be able to do things such as climb a mountain and walk long distances effortlessly. With their help, I went from not even being able to run for 10 seconds without having to stop, to now being able to run for 7+ minutes straight with little tire. This is incredible to me as I have never been able to do that, even when I was a child and in elementary school doing P.E. This program is beyond amazing, and I am so excited for the next 10 weeks of this program as well as Peru, our final hurrah. With the end in sight I know I’ll miss this program a lot. I will always hold this experience near and dear to my heart, and thanks to your inspiration and influence I will undoubtedly continue my journey in this happy and healthy life. I’ll do it for me, but also for them, the Wellfit Leaders.