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Is there a girl in your life that you would like to sponsor through one of our programs? Or, we can match you with an applicant that needs financial assistance.

100% of your donation goes directly to cover/partially cover the cost of our program for a qualified participant. All donations made are tax-deductible and go directly to supporting each girl’s experience in our programs.

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This referral link is for school officials, clinicians, human services, agency reps of wrap around services, or any other adult invested in the teen’s wellness journey! Your referrals for teens at-risk will be considered as a priority for scholarships.

Please click below to contact us regarding the referral process.

“This program has taught me to leave behind the fear of rejection as it causes me to lose opportunities in my life. Every Wellfit Girl and leader has encouraged me to embrace my hunger to achieve the impossible and to realize that I have the capability to reach within to go beyond what I ever thought was attainable. I can now move forward in my life without self-doubt and with an assured sense of confidence.”

– Madison

Fort Myers High School

“I am now able to use my voice to stand up for myself and others. I can proudly say I was able to speak out in front of the group to stand up for a friend. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but it has given me the strength and power to know I can continue doing that for others and myself. It has also allowed me to accept myself for who I am and truly love myself and not be so concerned with what others think of me.”

– A.J

Community School of Naples

“Before the Wellfit Girls program, I had a lot of negative self-talk to myself telling myself I can’t do things but ever since I got in this program I have a lot of positive things coming my way. I feel like I have a new life ahead of me.”

– Dasia

PACE Center for Girls Lee County

“The Wellfit Girls Program taught her how powerful her mind is and that if she stays focused, she can do anything her heart dreams of. Reaching the top of the mountain taught her exactly that. I would recommend this program to anybody that has a daughter.”

– Tracy

Wellfit Girls Program Parent

“I truly believe in this program and this life changing experience. I’ll be forever grateful for whomever contributed to my well-being and growth. I can say for myself, I will continue this path of wellness both mentally and physically.”

– Lena
Wellfit Girls 2017

“This program has definitely impacted me in such a positive way. When I started out I couldn’t even run a mile without stopping, but through hard work and dedication, I can now run five miles without stopping. This is hands down one of the greatest experiences.”

– Lily
Wellfit Girls 2017

“Joining Wellfit Girls was the best choice I made in my life. It was a life changing experience. I went into the program with all of these burdens on my heart, but I came out very light. I was able to let go of everything that has happened. Even though things will continue in my life, I can now look at them differently.”

– Sima

Wellfit Girls 2017

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